spring creek baptist church

a place of grace


At Spring Creek, we strive towards the goal of being a place of grace. Grace offers welcome to all. Grace strives for hospitality rather than unity. Grace makes room for each of us to discover God’s plan and live into it. 
Join us as we live into the grace of God.
 Would you be surprised to learn that the phrase a place of grace didn’t come from a PR firm’s branding proposal, or a church committee tasked with developing a winsome marketing strategy that might woo our neighbors into giving the church a try?
 Its origin is organic.  
 Spring Creek was called a place of grace and the description took.
 It took because stories of the kindness, welcome, hospitality, and space to heal and grow were common among the people of Spring Creek. From the beginning we were choosing to value hospitality over conformity, personhood over perfection, authenticity over appearance, and grace over guilt. Being a place of grace became our aspiration. Giving and receiving grace is a core value by the creek.
 Trying to be a place of grace is a tall order. Everyone likes to be on the receiving end of grace. It’s lovely. Offering grace, however, is costly. It requires a generosity of spirit that doesn’t flow from us naturally but comes to us through the grace of Jesus Christ. He said, “love one another as I have loved you.” We are only passing on what we have received.
 If you would like to join us on the journey of becoming people of grace, come on. It is always better to travel together.

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