Spring Creek enjoys a rich worship tradition. Every Sunday at 10:45, the entire body of believers gathers for worship. We gather because God has summoned us through his infinite goodness and grace. We gather to center ourselves on one thing: God, believing that only God is worthy of our devotion in worship. All the people are active participants in worship, not passive observers. We hope that worship is the most transformative, meaningful, and uplifting hour of the week. 

The worship style is more traditional than contemporary, but the focus is more on substance than style. Spring Creek strives to incorporate the best of the Christian tradition into worship, while not ignoring the fresh and faithful elements of contemporary worship. Worship is typically thematic, with the central theme germinating from a biblical text. Our worship follows the Christian calendar, with special services during holy times. Responsive Readings, meditations, testimonies, prayer, communion, offerings, biblical readings, sermons, and hymns are the standard elements of our worship. The sermons at Spring Creek are designed to be theologically faithful, intellectually stimulating, and spiritually moving.

Musically, Spring Creek utilizes a myriad of gifts and talents. The adult choir blesses the congregation each and every Sunday, with children’s and youth choirs joining periodically. Hymns compose the majority of our song selection, although we also sing choruses frequently. 

We strive to be warm and welcoming to visitors every week, so please know that you are more than welcome to come and worship God with us!