Spring Creek Baptist Church in Oklahoma City is seeking a Senior Pastor. The ideal candidate will have experience as a Senior Pastor, be a creative and engaging preacher, have effective interpersonal and communication skills, have a minimum of a Master’s degree in a field related to pastoral work, and hold to the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message. SCBC is a gracious and diverse community of faith. The candidate must respect this diversity and be able to avoid easy answers to this complexity. The Senior Pastor will lead in worship planning, budgeting, pastoral care, administration, and other general tasks. We partner primarily with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, as well as local groups. This position with salary and benefits will be based in part on experience. 

Resumes may be sent to pastorsearch@springcreekbc.com .

Pastor Job Description

Purpose of Position

          The Pastor is the leader of the pastoral team.  The pastor is responsible to the church for providing spiritual and administrative leadership to the church by:

  • Following the adopted constitution and by-laws of the church

  • Using his or her skills and gifts in proclaiming the gospel

  • Providing pastoral care in meeting the needs of persons in the

  Congregation and in the community.

  1. Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Proclaims the gospel and leads the church in proclaiming the gospel to the church, the community and the world.

  2. Cares for persons and leads the church in caring for persons in the church and in the community.

  3. Studies, prepares and delivers sermons in worship services.

  4. Leads congregational services, including observance of church ordinances; works with the church staff in planning, coordinating and evaluating congregational services.

  5. Leads outreach programs/activities and works with the church staff in planning, coordinating and evaluating outreach programs.

  6. Equips and encourages all members of the pastoral team.

  7. Participates in and supports denominational activities, including but not limited to CBF and SBC activities.  The Pastor shall remain in open dialogue with the congregation through Town Hall Meetings and Business Meetings and with the Body of Elders and the Deacons concerning denominational relationships and participation.

  8. Counsels with and assists in training Deacons for their responsibilities.

  9. Conducts wedding ceremonies and funeral services.

  10. Participates with the Body of Elders in long-range planning.

  11. Participates, as requested, with all church committees and specially elected committees.

  12. Participates in activities of the Body of Elders in promoting and implementing fiscal/administrative responsibility.

  13. Participates in and attends all church Business Meetings and Town Hall Meetings, meetings of the Body of Elders and meetings of the Deacons.

  14. Assists the Body of Elders in searching for and hiring church staff.

Supervisory and Staff Relationships

Performs a formal written evaluation of the members of the church staff annually and reviews the evaluation with the Body of Elders after it has been discussed with the staff member.

  1. Participates with the Body of Elders to provide policies and procedures for staff and office management.

  2. Supervises the staff and office management.

  3. Performs other reasonable tasks as requested by the Elders.

The Pastor is responsible to the congregation and is held accountable by the congregation through the Body of Elders as stated by the By-Laws.   

Annual Review

An annual written performance review will be conducted by the Body of Elders and discussed with the Pastor.