Our Beliefs

Spring Creek Baptist Church believes in the Triune God of historical Christianity. We believe that God created all things, redeems us through the person of Jesus Christ, and leads us through the presence of the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus is our ultimate authority and example in all things, and that Scripture is our trustworthy and eternally true guide. We believe that God is active in history and will bring history to a close in his time. We believe that the church is a community of believers dedicated to living the way of Jesus.

Spring Creek holds to traditional Baptist beliefs, and we take great pride in our Baptist heritage. We believe and practice core Baptist values such as the autonomy of the local church, the priesthood of all believers, believer’s baptism, separation of church and state, and the authority of Scripture. We affirm the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message. Because of these beliefs, we partner with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist World Alliance. Although we value our Baptist roots, we also understand that the Baptist stream is but one tributary flowing into the great river of God. Therefore, we seek to be inclusive in outlook, joining hands with a variety of organizations and denominations in doing Kingdom work. 

Finally, we believe that theology is best done when joined with Christian service. Theology is not static thought or esoteric meditation. Rather, true belief manifests itself in good works. True Christian belief results in clothes for the homeless, cups of water for the thirsty, and warm handshakes for the stranger. James says that “faith without works is dead.” Therefore, Spring Creek holds that Christian faith is more than intellectual assent. To us, faith impacts your heart, head, and hands.