"a place of grace"


Spring Creek is first and foremost a place of grace. This statement has served as the guiding light for Spring Creek since its inception. Thus, “a place of grace” is more than a cute slogan or trite cliché to us. “A place of grace” cuts at the very heart of our community. Grace is our core identity, more central to our DNA than our worship style, ministry programs, or theological stances. Grace pervades our history as a church and our plans for the future. Since we are a place of grace, we welcome one and all into our fellowship. Since we are a place of grace, our unity is founded on our common commitment to Jesus, not to narrow ideologies or exclusive theologies. Since we are a place of grace, we understand faith as a long journey on which we will need forgiveness, correction, and more than a few friends. So we hope you will journey with us as we celebrate, grow in, and share God’s grace.